De: Olga Markova ( irmã de Moussia)   Para: Moussia -  28 de Maio de 1946

Tradução da carta do Russo para Inglês

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Dear Moussia !

Maybe this message will get to you. We lost each other nearly 10 years ago. 

I will describe you a little bit of what happened to us during this time. We moved from Sevastopol in August of 1941 (Me, Ira and Alena) to the city of Anapa. Several days before our troops moved out of the city. My husband was brought here, he was completely sick.

In one year, in August of 1942, Germans were approaching Anapa and we moved to Georgia. Our family got bigger by one person - Ira's son Yura.

In Georgia we lived not far from the city of Tbilisi, in the beginning it was very difficult, my husband was still sick, we lost everything very quickly, but after a while it became better. 


We planted corn, and other plants, we established our household. Me and Ira were working. 

Ira's husband was in the battlefield from the first day of the War. 

My husband was very sick while we were in Caucasus and last year we returned to Anapa. But Ira and her kids stayed there; She is a superintendent of a hospital, she received a medal for "Valorous Labour in the Great Patriotic War".

We live with my husband in Anapa, I work, and he is a handicapped person, he almost can't work. I miss my children very much. 

I planted corn here too, I have chicken, and a pig. We slaughtered it for Easter. So, it is fine with the food, but pretty bad with clothes and the apartment. Anapa is ruined from bombings, but the city is being rebuilt now. 

Moussia, how are you? I'm kissing everybody. If you receive this letter, answer it quickly. If you can help a little bit with clothes, send a package. The address is: USSR, city of Anapa, Krasnodarsky Krai, Krymskaya street, M 132. O.A.P.